Into the Groove

July 9, 2021

These songs were the inspiration for my new album, Unbelievable Animals. I wanted to feel happy and energized, so I went back to music that I listened to as a kid, when the radio hits were somewhere between electronic and adult contemporary. Their sounds are groovy, space age, and clean, like the sixties via Y2K. A familiar chaos for our current moment.

— Macy Rodman

Madonna, “Candy Perfume Girl”

The Chemical Brothers, “Hey Boy Hey Girl”

Felix, “Tiger Stripes”

Magda, “Naomi Campbell”

New Order, “Bizarre Love Triangle”

Towa Tei, Kylie Minogue, and Haruomi Hosono, “GBI (German Bold Italic)”

Janet Jackson, “So Much Betta”

Basement Jaxx, “Red Alert”

Prince, “7”

Kelis, “Young, Fresh, N’ New”

Imperial Teen, “Yoo Hoo”

Tom Jones & The Cardigans, “Burning Down The House”

Liam Benzvi, “Opal”

Shamir, “On My Own”

Faith Hill, “The Way You Love Me”

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Macy Rodman is a New York City-based recording artist whose latest album, Unbelievable Animals, will be released by Accidental Popstar on August 27.