Amanda Coulson Departs National Art Gallery of the Bahamas to Lead New TERN Gallery

January 07, 2021

Amanda Coulson is stepping down from her post as executive director of the National Art Gallery of the Bahamas to take up the role of founding director of TERN Gallery, a new space in Nassau, Bahamas, dedicated to showcasing and elevating the work of young and emerging Bahamian and Caribbean artists, and to bringing the region’s art scene to greater international prominence.

Before coming to the National Gallery of the Bahamas as director in 2011, Coulson, who holds a masters in fine arts from New York University, cofounded the VOLTA Art Fair. The event, taking place annually, in New York and Basel, host smaller and emerging galleries. She additionally worked as a freelance writer and curator championing Bahamian artists.

“We saw that the time was ready for TERN for several reasons: We have an amazing community of exceptional artists who required an exhibition space for themselves—and other Caribbean artists—that would put their work in a highly professional context that is on par with international standards. We aim to create the support structure for artists to reach beyond the Bahamas, to be represented truly globally,” said Coulson in a statement. “Our hope is that by representing our country and our artists on the international stage, we might finally be perceived as the genuine space we inhabit: sophisticated, intellectual, and a site of excellence.”

TERN opened to the public in December with “Inherited Values,” a joint exhibition featuring the work of Bahamian artists. Kendra Frorup and Anina Major. The show is on view through February 8.