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Baroque Painter’s Fruit

Still life and landscape replaced the place where gods and heroes disappeared from.

From the Renaissance in the 16th century, scientists began to accept the universe and nature as objects of scientific inquiry rather than spiritual phenomena.

Intergalactic Ship

An Invitation to the Virtual

I am here and so are you, but we are not next to each other.

They say that my identity is is thus yours, then if I am virtual, are you too a virtual being?

If you are real, then can’t I be real?

Where could you be,  and can you see this place?

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Nicolas Party

Nicolas Party, often nicknamed ‘the new Henri Matisse’ or ‘Rene Magritte of the 21st century’, is a Swiss- born artists who works on landscapes, still-lives, and portraits. Based on a steady research on traditional painting, Party continues to develop new works with a unique personal twist.

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Linking with the technical/business structure concept of smart farms which are a combination of nature and science; Linking with historical similarity; Establishing clear aesthetic inspiration points; Linking art projects and programs

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Installations that allow you to feel a cozy touch, such as soft wool and cushions. Based on Freudian psychoanalysis, it can be proposed as an art piece that conveys the basic worldview of Salvador Dali's work, which depicts a "world of dreams" reflecting human unconscious desires.

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The Secrets hide in library!

The Secrets hide in library. 

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