'lili' aerodynamic boat flies above water at 100 km/h

Jun 27, 2021

nantes-based startup A2V (advanced aerodynamic vessels) unveils ‘lili’, an ultra-fast boat prototype that flies above water at 100 km/h. the french invention showcases a futuristic design —carefully developed with the help of marc lombard and the fernand hervé shipyard— generating an aerodynamic lift that provides it with impressive velocity, and reduced fuel consumption.

thanks to its aerodynamics, the lili boat by A2V is lightweight and therefore significantly faster. the more it accelerates, the less it sinks into the water and the less fuel it uses. according to its designers, including marc lombard and the fernand hervé shipyard, it uses around 50% less fuel than other comparable vessels. made with 3.5 tons of plastic and fiberglass, the 10-meter-long watercraft shifts and turns like lightning, while its airplane wing-like shape prevents the vehicle from tipping over.

with this prototype, the A2V team promises two to three times lower fuel consumption than current boats — compared to helicopters, lili uses ten times less fuel over the same distance. by cutting fuel consumption in half compared to a traditional boat, lili also contributes to reducing marine pollution.

project info:

name: lili manufacturer: A2V (advanced aerodynamic vessels) with the help of: marc lombard and the fernand hervé shipyar