20,000 tiles wrap around H&P architects' multipurpose building in hanoi, vietnam

Jul 22, 2021

for its latest project H&P architects designs ‘ngói space’, a five story multipurpose building on a corner site outside hanoi, vietnam. the project features a porous second skin made up of 20,000 clay tiles, which generates a shaded void space on every level.

images © le minh hoang

located in a residential area outside hanoi, ngói space was conceived as an open community space. when explaining the concept behind the project, the architects make reference to the different branches of a tree and the different chambers of prehistoric caves. with this in mind, the new building encompasses a variety of functions over five levels. the program includes a two floor café, a multi-function space for seminars or exhibitions on the fourth floor, and a rooftop garden.

when shaping the building’s characteristic façade, H&P architects chose clay roof tiles as it’s a familiar material in the vietnamese context. the architects also hope to inspire the reuse of these ‘memory-filled tiles’, which are often considered as construction waste once old houses are extended or demolished.

the tiles are stacked in a pattern of triangles, creating a secondary skin from the primary glass elevation. a shaded void space is generated in between the two skins, where locals can relax on floor nets or enjoy a drink with friends.

project info:

name: ngói space

location: vuon dao area, phuc loc road, uy no commune, dong anh, hanoi, vietnam

architect: H&P architects

team: doan thanh ha ,tran ngoc phuong, luong thi ngoc lan, tran van duong, nguyen hai hue, ho manh cuong, nguyen van thinh, trinh thi thanh huyen

site area: 197 sqm (2120.49 sqft)

gross floor area: 510 sqm (5489.59 sqft)

year: 2021

main materials: viglacera dong anh tiles (20,000 pieces), concrete, steel, glass

photography: le minh hoang