a giant snake moves down a massive staircase in this graffiti by SFHIR in portugal

Jul 30, 2021

born in madrid, spanish street artist SFHIR has been doing graffiti since 1995. fascinated by drawing since childhood, the artist specializes in creating extremely imposing murals which combine graffiti with different painting tools like airbrushes, pistols, brushes and rollers, and result in illusion twists. at guarda, portugal, the artist has left his mark with the golden legend — a large-scale graffiti that explores the opposition between a little girl and a king cobra snake.

sited at an altitude of over 1000 meters, guarda is portugal’s highest city and no wonder why it’s full of stairs. commissioned by the international contemporary art festival, the golden legend by SFHIR manages to include not only the wall surfaces but also the local area, where viewers are invited to occupy a specific angle in order to get the perfect viewing of the street piece. the golden legend shows a giant snake that seems to be moving down the massive staircase where a blond girl with aviator goggles and a halberd stands on guard, ready to defend herself from the longest venomous snake in the world.

see more of SFHIR’s work on his instagram account here.

project info:

name: the golden legend staircase graffiti

artist: SFHIR

year: 2017

photo credits: SFHIR

location: guarda, portugal