a translucent glass mural adorns the façade of JARtB house in melbourne

Mar 25, 2021

with a design that’s part house, part art gallery, billy kavellaris of kavellaris urban design (KUD) has realized his own home in melbourne, australia. the residential project seeks to reconcile art with architecture and it features a number of striking and unconventional elements, such as a huge glass mural façade and a circular, sawtooth entrance.

images by peter bennetts

the program of JARtB house is arranged over three storys on a long, slender site in the melbourne suburb of toorak. residents enter through the circular concrete door into the first floor level, which houses the main social functions. from the entrance, a long gallery-like corridor leads into an open-plan kitchen and a double-height dining and living area. this space opens out to an elegant outdoor pool and dining area.

a spiral staircase connects to the second floor, where three bedrooms with en suite bathrooms are contained. JARtB house also incorporates a much smaller basement floor. on this subterranean level, residents can relax in a cozy theater room. there’s also a spare bedroom and bathroom for guests who come to stay.

following KUD’s main concept of synthesizing art and architecture into a singular expression, the residence is informed by the countless paintings, sculptures, and other art pieces that it hosts. but not only does it host art, the design also infuses artistic flourishes within the building, such as the circular apertures, the play of exposed concrete and natural light, and, principally, a colorful glass mural that wraps the upper volume of the house. the mural turns the elevation into one large artwork, providing the neighborhood with an eye-catching object while also offering the residents glimpses of it from inside. ‘it is public art masquerading as a building in a residential setting’,  says the architect about the project.

project info:

name: JARtB house

location: toorak, melbourne, australia

architect: kavellaris urban design (KUD)

photography: peter bennetts | @peterbbennetts