agnes hansella hangs massive macramé wall trio on a seaside structure in bali

Feb 18, 2021

jakarta-based fiber artist agnes hansella has completed a massive wall hanging trio titled mountain, ocean and sunset in bali, indonesia. made from macramé, a sort of textile produced using knotting instead of weaving or knitting, the artwork spans more than 37 feet wide, cloaking the open-air structure in fringed fabrics that evoke the coastal surroundings of jimbaran.

as a self-taught artist, agnes hansella jumped into the macramé technique to discover her love for fiber and handcrafted objects. in mountain, ocean and sunset, she uses 16mm of manila rope and knots patterns that recall waves, corals and birds. the rope is cut with a hacksaw and balanced on scaffolding to assemble the massive work, as seen on the pictures.

‘I was never good with drawing pictures, so the finished design is mostly something I came up with on location,’ said hansella. ‘I change them a lot based on my instinct and situation. with macramé techniques, the ropes have their own will and character so as the artist, I follow them and see what can and cannot work.’

project info:

name: mountain (1150 x766), ocean (1150×650), and sunset (1150×500)

artist: agnes hansella and @macrame_id location: locca sea house jimbaran bali, indonesia team: heri, arif, ilham, nining, ikmal, jack, rahman