ahochdrei turns a coal cellar into a home cinema in a mies van der rohe designed villa

Mar 07, 2021

berlin-based architecture studio, ahochdrei – labor für gestaltung, has created a sumptuous home cinema inside an early gründerzeit villa designed by mies van der rohe in potsdam, germany. the project involves the conversion of an old coal cellar on the first floor of the four-story house. the clients, who work in the film industry, wanted to turn the disused space into an elegant projection room.

image by maike wagner

the design team at ahochdrei conceived the cinema as a distinct spatial experience, one which uses carefully selected materials and establishes a link between old and new. the space measures 85 m2 and hosts up to 12 seats on four descending rows. the sofas and cinema chairs have been specially designed and feature soft brown upholstery. the floor is laid in lush, velvety carpet and the steps that lead viewers down to their seats glow with orange lights that are fixed under the treads.

image by maike wagner

to offset these earthy shades, the walls and ceiling are clad in dark blue acoustic panels, divided by an irregular scheme of contrasting chromed brass inserts and illuminated by elegant wall lamps. the majority of materials come from natural and sustainable sources, such as thermo-hemp for acoustic insulation, as well as cotton and wool for the upholstery.

image by maike wagner

historical elements, such as the wall panels, are combined with more contemporary motifs of simple grids and rounded shapes. in this way, ahochdrei plays between heritage and modernity with the ultimate objective to create a unique, timeless space that transports viewers to the scenes projected on the screen.

image by maike wagner

image by maike wagner

image by maike wagner

image by maike wagner

floor plan of the villa

section through the villa

3PC cinema chair, image by jana lämmerer

3PC cinema chair detail, image by jana lämmerer

L-VM wall lamp, image by jana lämmerer

project info:

name: VMO

program: home cinema

location: potsdam, germany

client: private

architect: ahochdrei – labor für gestaltung

design team: daniel vedder, jan wind

area: 85 m2

status: completed

collaborators: behrens-heinlein architekten; unique factory

photography: maike wagner | @_maikewagner_

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edited by: lynne myers | designboom