alexis ferrer prints colorful floral motifs on sharp hairdos for 'la favorite' collection

Mar 08, 2021

after years of exploring hair as a canvas, spanish hairdresser alexis ferrer has developed a new, evolved technique for vibrant, full-color hair printing, culminating in his autumn 2020 collection, ‘la favorite’. the viral series draws influence from 18th-century fabric patterns, decorating sharp blonde bob cuts with flowering branches, butterflies, and hummingbirds.

alexis ferrer started to experiment with hair printing in 2012, when he was asked to interpret a collection for the ‘wella trend vision awards’. ‘the aim of the show was to innovate with a technique not usually used in hairdressing, and photographic printing on hair seemed the ideal way to represent a story in a graphic and impressive way,’ the hairdresser mentions. for the ‘080 barcelona fashion week’ in 2017, ferrer worked with designer txell miras in a collection inspired by shipping containers and fishermen. models walked down the catwalk with covered faces and fishermen’s portraits printed onto their hair extensions.

after revisiting and perfecting his previously applied techniques, as well as working on color intensity and definition improvement, ferrer updated his process from using photographic inks to digitally-generated ones. mixing technology with his knowledge of crafts has allowed ferrer to recreate intricate patterns on hair, opening a world of infinite possibilities for the future. ‘we took inspiration from the palace gardens in 18th century france,’ he explains, ‘at that time flowers and animals inspired couturiers to create the best fabrics for the french bourgeoisie’.

the ‘la favorite’ collection was created through a combination of artisanal styles mixed with technology. ‘a perfect blend for the new generation who are looking for new boundaries of fashion,’ ferrer comments, ‘once again it shows that everything in fashion remains to be invented and to be innovated.’

project info:

name: la favorite hairdresser: alexis ferrer

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