alicja kozlowska creates realistic embroidered felt sculptures of everyday objects

Mar 24, 2021

alicja kozlowska creates 3D embroidered felt sculptures of everyday objects, seeking to illustrate the relationship between works of art and everyday consumable commodities. drawing inspiration from the reality that surrounds us, as well as from consumerism, the polish artist crafts realistic pieces, with pop art aesthetics, encouraging viewers to rethink these items that they often take for granted.

to complete her intricate embroidered pieces, alicja kozlowska uses a needle, like a brush. in addition, she combines various materials from labels, newspapers, foils, to felt and fabric, working in an artquilt technique — half by hand and half by sewing machine. ‘painting by sewing for me is the format to address deeply negative, culturally constructed indifference’  she shares.

‘even the best healthy or pro-social intentions of mass-produced items die by the time they reach a shelf,’ shares kozlowska who highlights that packaging designers may be the some of the most creative artists, whose work frequently goes unrecognized, because the consumers aren’t thinking about art. ‘still, consumers are often guided by patterns, so I want to help them look at everyday objects or goods from a different perspective’ she adds.


kozlowska’s work is deeply influenced by andy warhol, presenting apparent pop art aesthetics and references. ‘what captivated me the most about warhol’s work was the utter elegance, simplicity and directness of his paintings,’ the artist shares.

‘my art is intimately connected to daily life, social and mass media contexts which in turn have helped define not only the meaning of my works, but also me as an artist,’ alicja kozlowska mentions. ‘no artist can control the passage of time, but i do my best to be more mindful of cultural and presentation contexts, and how this process attributes meaning to my artworks.’

project info:

name: embroidered felt sculptures of everyday objects artist: alicja kozlowska

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