aston martin valhalla hybrid road-legal supercar inspired by formula one

Jul 18, 2021

hold tight, the aston martin valhalla hybrid supercar is to be brought into production and on to the road. it is a more democratic design of the valkyrie, bringing a dramatic, thrilling aesthetic and drive to match motorsport but for all drivers. fusing raw emotion with efficiency, the road racer bolsters a mid-engined 950 bhp gasoline/battery electric powertrain to get set, go!

first things first: the cutting-edge hybrid powertrain technology bolsters three motors. the main, a rear-mid-mounted 4.0 liter twin-turbo bespoke V8, revs to 7,200 rpm and develops 750 PS. a 150 kW battery hybrid then supports using a set of e-motors: one mounted on the front axle and the other on the rear axle. together, they contribute a further 240 PS. EV-only mode reaches a maximum of 80 mph and a zero-emission range of 15 km. with all engines blaring, the supercar sprints from 0-62 mph in just 2.5 seconds and peaks at a top speed of 217 mph.

the road racer immerses the driver in a new kind of supercar experience. the blend of instant battery-electric torque and intensity of a V8 engine is paired with pinpoint handling, prodigious levels of downforce and more. it reflects aston martin’s presence in formula one, borrowing and tailoring many leading technologies for mass production, such as the chassis, aerodynamics and electronics. this also includes the new carbon fiber structure first seen in the valkyrie.

with a dry weight of less than 1,550 kg, the exterior design of the aston martin valhalla focuses on flow-down aerodynamics to maximize downforce. active surfaces at the front and rear-end masterfully manages underbody airflow, generating 600 kg of downforce at 150 mph. the meticulously sculpted surfaces mean the upper body remains clean and uncorrupted by the need for aggressive wings. forward-hinged dihedral doors do at drama at the beginning and end of the every journey though.

inside, the pared back cockpit design exemplifies clear, simple ergonomics that focus around the driver. HMI system fe3atures a central touchscreen display. for the racing seats, the bases are fixed to the chassis structure with the pedals and steering column then adjustable to best fit the user.

product info:

brand: aston martin

model: valhalla