bandit9 jaeger's sci-fi body kit morphs royal enfield continental GT 650

Mar 21, 2021

test your limits with the bandit9 jaeger, the third custom motorcycle created in collaboration with royal enfield. it marks yet another hand-sculpted, ultra-limited, space age-inspired build from the ho chi minh city, vietnam-based workshop. and, as always, only nine museum-worthy units will be made. unlike previous models, though, the design is available as the entire bike or as body kit to install on your own royal enfield continental GT 650.

the bandit9 jaeger pushed the custom workshop to its limit, taking half a year to complete from ideation through to manufacturing, photography and filmography. to give its dramatic form, the main challenge was to extend the wheelbase of the royal enfield continental GT 650 without modifying the frame; the structure needed to remain the same so that the body kits could be universally fitted on to bikes by the clients. the result also helps shave off 35lbs from the original weight.

‘without being able to cut into the frame, it was not easy to stretch its proportions to give it that bandit9 look. once we solved how to extend the original swingarm without touching it (I’ll let you figure out how we did that one), everything fell into place,‘ tells daryl villaneuva, bandit9 CEO, to designboom.  ‘the extra 10-15cm is a big deal. it allowed us to elongate the GT to make its overall proportions slick and smooth. it looks fast standing still and has that streamlined silhouette that we like to do for all our pieces.‘

sculpted from steel, glimmering metallic motorcycle’s body is fashioned with a neo-retro tank, matching tail cowl and weatherproof suede seat that extends to a near point at the rear. its finer details help accentuate its sci-fi image, including the circular mirrors, levers and switchgear. the design is perfected with the swing-arm extensions, pair of custom sweeping exhaust with slash-cut pipes, custom LED lighting on the front and back, and custom clip-on handlebars with alloy grips.

‘now we know we can make a body kit that doesn’t look like one – something I didn’t think we could do. the jaeger is a great example of what is possible with a continental GT 650. it illustrates just how extreme you can push things. my hope is for someone to see the jaeger, get inspired to take the GT even further, and actually does it. that’s what a bandit9 is: a springboard for folks to make their “impossible” ideas a reality,‘ concludes daryl.

project info:

original manufacturer: royal enfield

original model: continental GT 650

custom maker: bandit9

custom model: jaeger

models: 9