bangkok tokyo architecture transforms 30-year-old thai family home into small art gallery

Mar 10, 2021

among the tall trees and condominiums in the heart of bangkok, bangkok tokyo architecture has completed yet another transformation of an old thai family home, turning it into a small art gallery. dubbed ‘sōko’, the project includes the renovation and extension of the rundown residence, in order to generate an environment that responds sufficiently to the new functions.

the project by bangkok tokyo architecture began by refurbishing and expanding the 30-year-old family house. the client’s initial request was to transform the pre-existing dwelling into a small art gallery with several adjacent spaces for rent. although seemingly tucked away in the wilderness, the gallery is in fact located in bangkok’s city center, an area home to an increasing number of high-rise condominiums and shopping malls. with large overhanging eaves and raised floors, the dwelling showcased all the common features that the tropical homes of a former era had.

originally, the single-level timber house consisted of two bedrooms, a dining room, a kitchen, and a bathroom. however, all the interior walls were removed and rebuilt to accommodate the new uses. in contrast to the existing residence, which had only one entrance and a few small windows, the new proposal opens up the space making it freely accessible from various directions. most noticeably, the entire east-facing facade is torn down and replaced by a long corridor-like freestanding structure. this structure both bridges and divides the interior and exterior space.

on top of the structure, the glass roof floods the gallery with natural light, allowing visitors to catch a glimpse of the trees above. behind the concrete columns, large sliding doors have been installed, which maintain the element of transparency even when closed, making it possible to view the exhibition fully from outside. when open, all boundaries between indoor and outdoor disappear, so much so that the gallery becomes a part of the garden. like a walkway, a gate, or a loggia, the autonomous presence of this new intervention initiates a much-needed dialogue between the old house and its new public program.

project info:

name: sōko designer: bangkok tokyo architecture location: bagkok, thailand

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