boat or rock? a moving rock formation is seen off the coast of marseille

Aug 26, 2021

artist julien berthier built a hyper-realistic rock with epoxy resin placing it on top of a worn-out found boat. l’invisible takes shape as an artificial rock that modestly intrudes the environment of marseille’s coast and gently modifies its landscape. the rock can be driven and cruises around, creating the awkward vision of a drifting landscape.

all images courtesy of julien berthier

julien berthier set a hatch on top that enables one to enter and maneuver the vehicle. the rock itself is inspired by its immediate rough surroundings, stimulating viewers’ curiosity and interest. ‘the mobile rock navigates between the decor, enhanced reality, leisure object, survivalist anguish, and the ecological stakes.’ says the artist.

project info:

name: l’invisible, 2021 designer: julien berthier

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edited by: christina petridou | designboom