brooklyn-based designer charlie baker weaves enormous nests for humans

Sep 26, 2021

charlie baker creates order out of the wild and unruly branches sourced from nearby woods. among his work, the brooklyn-based designer has developed a collection of human-scale nests, wrapped organically with found timber and elevated among the forests. the nests pictured below are part of a development in garzón, uruguay.

each of charlie baker’s little treehouse-like nests in uruguay can comfortable sit ten people for dinner. the designer notes that the client hannah sandling will style many beautiful dinners here in the future. the spaces, with their unruly and sinuous branches, the tiny structures imply an organic sense of growth, as if found in nature at an impossible scale. see the artist’s process in a recent video by wired, which shows how he sources the wood from his new york-based projects in the nearby forests of long island.