casa ojalá unveils its adaptable and transportable luxury cabin in tuscany

Jun 30, 2021

the very first casa ojalá opens to guests in italy‘s majestic val d’orcia. conceived by italian architect beatrice bonzanigo, the luxury cabin was first unveiled during milan design week 2019. now, bonzanigo has partnered with rosewood castiglion del bosco, a luxury hotel in tuscany, to premiere the first casa ojalá unit.

images by luca miserocchi

since bonzanigo first showcased the award-winning cabin design back in 2019, she’s teamed up with ryan nesbitt to found the casa ojalá company. this next step for the young firm inaugurates one of the guest suites in the capanna vineyard, where brunello di montalcino red wine is produced. in this location, guests can enjoy total privacy and unobstructed views of the rolling hills and cypress trees.

inspired by sailboats, the cylindrical casa ojalá operates with a manual mechanism composed of ropes, handles, pulleys, and cranks. guests can configure the compact 27 sqm cabin as they prefer, with rollable walls allowing for both open and closed spaces. the limited floor area is maximized with two beds hidden underneath the mahogany floor. there’s also a roof terrace that can be accessed by a ladder and a sculptural bathtub to soak up the views in total relaxation.

casa ojalá is made from carefully selected timbers, fabrics made from recycled plastic, and handmade ceramic. the structure also integrates photovoltaic panels, a rainwater recovery system, and a black water depuration advanced biological plant, meaning it can be transported to even the most remote locations.

‘we are proud to launch, starting in italy in synergy with castiglion del bosco, to offer its guests of exception an absolutely unique chance of enjoying and discovering the wonders of the hotel,’  says bonzanigo, president of casa ojalá.

bonzanigo continues, ‘I consider the luxury of the casa that I invented, a form of happiness for the guests of the best hotels around the world. a sort of revival of handcraft as the root of evolution. beyond the automatism of travel and living of our times, based on virtuality and hyper technology.’

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project info:

name: casa ojalá

location: capanna vineyard, italy

designed by: beatrice bonzanigo

photography: luca miserocchi