dutch engineer develops motorcycle running on methane recovered from swamps

Aug 23, 2021

the main feature of this motorcycle by gijs schalks is that its fuel is harvested with minimal tools and DIY-solutions, straight from your neighborhood pond or roadside ditch. since shallow waters will always be available, the slootmotor is built to outlast any kind of energy future. moreover, in a small leather tool pouch, the slootmotor carries all the tools needed to rebuild the whole vehicle in case of a breakdown.

nowadays, speed is no longer desired because more speed means more horsepower, which means more CC’s—resulting in higher fuel consumption. in the slootmotor, movement is enough, as its tiny engine will provide enough power to enjoy the ride on two wheels while at the same time have very low consumption of fuel. it keeps itself going with splash lubrication, so oil pressure is never a problem. it runs on any oil, 10w-30, 10w-40, motorcycle oil, car oil, or even generator oil.

project info:

name: the slootmotor

designer: gijs-schalkx