fran silvestre arquitectos introduces its streamlined and transparent N70 house

Sep 22, 2021

the team at fran silvestre arquitectos unveils its N70 house as the smallest of its so-called NIU series. the overall series of NIU dwellings are conceived as a new housing type which prioritizes improved quality and minimal cost — the architects at the valencia-based studio are continually exploring innovative construction methods to achieve this, resulting in spaces that are sustainable and beautiful.

the design team at fran silvestre arquitectos organizes its tiny N70 house along a single level with a straightforward layout. the programs are divided between the bedroom, or night zone, on one end and the social spaces, or day zone, along the other. the wet areas stand in the center divide the two areas.

project info:

project title: N70 house

architecture: fran silvestre arquitectos

design team: fran silvestre, rosa juanes, rubén march, andrea baldo, gino brollo NIU team: alejandra ugena, francisco moreno, mauro díaz, héctor borrás, francisco lahoz, irene hoyos

location: spain

completion: 2021

photography: fernando guerra | @fernandogguerra

videography: jesús orrico | @jesusorrico