H2 architects designs its plant-filled hoa's house with soft concrete geometries

Apr 18, 2021

vietnam-based studio H2 architects realizes its hoa’s house of undulating concrete in ho chi minh city. the structure is defined by its soft geometries and its perforated facade of stacked stone. the large, multi-use dwelling occupies a dense urban block and is at once light-filled and closed off from its busy context. the program is organized across six levels and includes street-level shops, six apartments for rent along the second and third levels, and a single owner’s apartment along the top three levels. the project celebrates the team’s appreciation for nature and formal architecture, filled with lush green foliage and expressive of its raw materiality inside and out.

the H2 architects-designed hoa’s house exists in a balanced dialogue with its context. while situated near a marketplace, the ground level is programmed with shops and is open to pedestrians along the street. meanwhile the residential spaces above are shrouded, wrapped with a ventilated stone screen which serves to shelter the occupants from the surrounding noise and activity. the top three levels, occupied by the owner, are opened outward and are sheltered not by the screen, but by a lush garden of plant life. the walls are defined by their dramatic arches which poetically and softly frame the surroundings.

the team at H2 architects completes hoa’s house to offer the owner, who lives in saigon, a resort-style second home. the project becomes a warm highlight nestled among the crowded market town, generating an atmosphere of immersion in nature. the open upper floors offer a quiet garden life, which is hidden behind its arched concrete walls, vegetable garden, and fruit trees around.

project info:

project title: hoa’s house

architecture: H2 architects

interiors: KAA studio

location: tan binh district, ho chi minh city, vietnam

completion: 2020

photography: quang dam