haven tent combines a hammock and a tent into a comfortable camping experience

Aug 02, 2021

utah-based haven tents combines a hammock and a tent into a comfortable camping experience. featuring a flat sleeping surface, the hanging tent creates an ergonomic platform for those who enjoy sleeping outdoors but find hammocks uncomfortable. created by derek tillotson, the haven tent has a 127kg (280 lbs) capacity and a pad length of 198 cm (6’6”).

the haven tent includes the shell with the detachable rainfly and mosquito netting, two lightweight poles, straps, guy lines, and an insulated air mattress. the suspension arcs keep the sidewalls low while supporting the flat sleeping platform, just like a suspension bridge. the internal spreader bars keep the interior space open, while the structural ridgeline means that users can lay flat regarding of tree spacing.

along with the tent body, the air mattress has been meticulously designed. measuring 198x59x9cm, and featuring an estimated R4 insulation that keeps users warm, the pump bag is easy to inflate. if there are no trees around, the tent can be hung using a pair of trekking poles, which are not included. the tent is available from €265.40 and comes in sky blue and forest green.

project info:

name: haven tent

created by: derek tillotson

price: starting from €265.40