hermès debuts its skateboard bag as a stealthy hybrid of luxury and street

Jul 12, 2021

at its spring/summer 2022 show during paris fashion week, hermès continues to hybridize luxury and streetwear — most notably with the integration of a skateboard deck into its newly interpreted bolide bag. the fashion house reimagines the classic leather bag in an overt and playful celebration of the skate and street realms. the new base adds a boldly patterned wooden structure to the 45cm bolide, which has always shown all-leather craftsmanship. this isn’t the first time the house has looked toward skater culture in its work. hermès had designed a skateboard deck in a patterned homage to its silk scarves. neither too formal, nor too casual, artistic director véronique nichanian conceptualizes the menswear collection to exude a spirit that is at once carefree and beautifully crafted.

hermès shows its spring/summer 2022 menswear collection with attention to playful details. at once subtle and overt, the deck of its skateboard bag is hidden as a vibrant base of the leather structure. at the same time, the collection saw other sport-inspired details such as a corded belt showing a knot and loop closure to recall the realm of sailing, and the desire to escape and travel once more — an idea that has captured many of us in the wake of the now-waning pandemic.

hermès unveils its skateboard-integrated bolide bag as part of its spring/summer 2022 show that was held in front of a live audience at paris fashion week. following a year in solitude where such events were viewed remotely, many directors have picked up cues to optimize a digital viewing experience. in this spirit, véronique nichanian partners with theater director cyril teste to curate a show that celebrates laser-focused videography, prioritizing at once the perspectives of both the live and remote audiences. cyril teste explains: ‘here there will be no generalised arrangement for all the models to follow but rather individualised arrangements for each and every model, with cameras capturing faces, movement, detail — on the fly, as it were. other screens will have larger, quasi-cinematic formats. each model will be filmed in a unique, customised style.’

Really not a great idea. First it’s not a style that skaters are going to go for. In fact it’s going to become a joke. Also it’s not convenient. A bag would only and maybe only be useful to like pack and move your board but definitely not to carry around when you’re using it. If you’re not using it then you wouldn’t even have it with you. And then it looks like it’s supposed to be some high fashion ‘stuff’. Lmao not skater style. Our clothes cost way more than most people’s but we’re not um what is regarded as high fashion we view unlike most people that like look buy wear think want those high fashion clothes, so empty, void of meaning and zero individuality. And then there’s the other 50% or more these days that ride longboards. If you haven’t wasted your time and money on thinking you’re going to get rich from this then you’re good. Stop now. Scrap it. And really high fashion and all that is opposite of the pride of not being a factory reproduced barbie world. You could never understand. Just don’t waste your resources. Feed people with all that useless and unnecessary crap that you burn money to have. So worthless. Sorry but if you have money to be that stuffy you should be doing great things with it. Everyday more than one person dies from many unnecessary things like hunger. Spend your money on that.

bro where are the wheels how is this even remotely practical

do you have to screw the deck to the bag??

What a waste of a skate board deck.

Oh, geeez! What posers.