hookie co crafts custom art, ant-inspired CAKE ösa electric bike

Jun 27, 2021

german motorcycle workshop hookie co reveals their first reinterpretation of the CAKE ösa, which originally debuted in 2019. the original electric bike is compact and modular by nature, offering 10 kw (13.5 hp) of power and 84 km (52.2 miles) of range. inspired by the strength of an ant, the custom designers paired fun with versatility. the new design liberates the urban commuter so the rider can go through the woods for a quick spin…

called ant, the hookie co custom of the CAKE ösa builds upon the customizable design of the original, which can already be configured with a range of luggage accessories. the new design accentuates its sporty and young character with an artful appearance. 3D printed brackets and an aluminum body panel sit on the frame, acting as a canvas for the artwork. one bike is powder coated in white with block vinly; the second is hand-painted with a message reading, ‘whenever things get complicated, ride and play hookie’.

the ant electric bike is finished with even more customizeable features. a changeable footpeg position, backpack luggage option that slings on to the frame, and a removable battery baskets add further personalization to the urban commuter. a pinpoint LED taillight unit contrasts to the spotlight 7-inch LED headlight up front. these all sit upon standout 14-inch bridgestone tires.

product info:

custom workshop: hookie co

custom model: ant

original brand: CAKE

original bike: ösa