iconic honda motocompo scooter gets a full-size reinterpretation by allan williams

Oct 23, 2021

all images courtesy of allan williams

the original honda motocompo takes form as a small scooter with a rectangular shape. the handlebars, seat, and foot-pegs are designed to fold into the bike’s body, presenting a clean, box-shaped package of 1,185 mm × 240 mm × 540 mm. it is the smallest scooter ever built by honda (find more here)  and it maintains a cult status among bike enthusiasts for its unique compact design, retro style, and highly customizable potential.

allan williams’ conceptual design presents a larger version of the iconic honda scooter, which still preserves the original model’s key features. as the artist explains on his social media, the concept modelled in fusion, re-modelled in cinema 4D, unwrapped in rizom, textured in substance and rendered with redshift. ‘so a lot of work for something that isn’t too big or complex,’ he shares.

williams has posted two versions of the honda motocompo XL; a bright red one and a yellow one. the feedback from his followers has been very enthusiastic with one commenter noting that the reinterpetive design looks like ‘a cassete on wheels’.

project info:

name: honda motocompo XL artist: allan williams | @vektasigma