images revealed of BIG's spiraling corten steel observatory in denmark

Aug 06, 2021

the first images have been revealed of bjarke ingels group / BIG‘s ‘marsk watchtower’ on heathlands at hjemsted oldtidspark in southwestern denmark. inspired by the double helix structure of DNA, the recently opened observatory is characterized by its spiraling shape made up of corten steel steps.

images courtesy of marsk camp

designed by BIG for marsk camp, marsk watchtower is surrounded by marshlands and situated nearby the UNESCO-listed wadden sea national park. rising 25 meters tall (over 80 feet), the sculptural tower is topped with a viewing platform where visitors can enjoy uninhibited views of the picturesque region.

BIG chose corten steel for the construction of marsk watchtower to achieve a ‘clean and simple look that appeals to the surrounding environment’. the stepped structure gradually increases in width, from 6.2 meters at the bottom to 12.7 meters at the very top. the spiral is formed of two sets of steps, with 146 going up and 131 going down. there’s also a small elevator that runs through the core of the building.

marsk watchtower has been realized as part of a local partnership between marsk camp-gruppen. the goal is for the structure to become an architectural landmark that will attract tourists from all over the world to hjemsted.

project info:

name: marsk watchtower

location: hjemsted, denmark

client: marsk camp

architecture: bjarke ingels group / BIG

construction: HB trapper

structural engineering: AFRY