jung-hoon lee's latest furniture series is a nod to ancient korean architecture

Nov 10, 2021

created by designer jung-hoon lee, the ‘heritage series’ is a collection of sculptural furniture inspired by the symbolic form and color of ancient korean architecture. more specifically, it masterfully reinterprets the beauty of the traditional korean house model (hanok) through the lens of modern design and craft. the collection features seating objects, tables, and shelfs.

jung-hoon lee focused his study of the ‘heritage series’ on ‘giwa’ – the symbolic roof tiles of the hanok, made of soil or cement. that said, the purpose behind the designer‘s collection was to capture the formative charm found in various types of giwa, but also the beauty of the structure that supports the roof and the subtilely elegant curves of the hanok architecture.

lee’s purpose for this collection falls under a bigger umbrella: the emergence of ‘glocalism’. through this movement, a new desire is born – that of rediscovering local culture and further seeking new aesthetic formability and functions applicable to modern life as we know it worldwide.

therefore, this collection emphasizes a new formative beauty associated with furniture design and celebrates the value of tradition by ‘redesigning korea’s unique culture and aesthetic consciousness to suit modern global design trends’, explains lee.

image © powerstudio

image © 516studio

project info:

name: [heritage] series designer: jung-hoon lee

year: 2021

photography: powerstudio, 516studio

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edited by: lea zeitoun | designboom