junsekino renovates an 80-year-old house in bangkok with light, open spaces

Apr 05, 2021

for its latest project, junsekino architect and design has brought new life to an 80-year-old house in bangkok, thailand. the dwelling has been passed down through four generations of the same family and it’s fittingly called ‘BAAN 38’ as ‘baan’ means ‘house’ in thai. junsekino’s goal was to revitalize the building while retaining its original homey character.

images by spaceshift studio

the house has been restored countless times over the years. for this most recent renovation, junsekino adopted a straightforward approach, prioritizing simplicity and a functional arrangement.

BAAN 38 is divided into two buildings: the main volume and the services at the back. the original structure was restored within the existing boundary and the interior space was extended by rearranging the program and getting rid of some walls. the first floor houses an open-plan common area including living and dining spaces with a private courtyard where family members can relax. the second floor contains private rooms for the family, and the ceiling has been lifted to create bigger volumes.

the architect intentionally consolidated old and new elements by utilizing industrial materials such as steel and glass within the original, refurbished structure. by positioning these new materials alongside old wooden columns and beams, junsekino establishes a connection to the former space.

natural light and ventilation flow through the interior thanks to more open spaces. generous amounts of glazing also allow for a clear visual connection to the exterior scenery.

each detail and element of the design was carefully chosen to connect to the existing 80-year-old house. in this way, junsekino strives to create a sense of place and uniqueness, all without taking away the original character of the house.

project info:

name: BAAN 38

type: residential

location: bangkok, thailand

owners: chatchawan and punjama lertbutsayanukul

architect: junsekino architect and design

area: 470 sqm (5,059 sqft)

status: built

year: 2020

photography: spaceshift studio

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edited by: lynne myers | designboom