kengo kuma's addition to the tokyo toilet project recalls 'a walk in the woods.'

Jul 05, 2021

kengo kuma presents his contribution to the tokyo toilet project with a restroom designed to recall ‘a walk in the woods.’ the toilet village is organized as five huts nestled among the lush greenery of shibuya‘s nabeshima shoto park — each of which is camouflaged with a cluster of timber louvres. the cedar board louvres are installed at subtly randomized angles to imply an organic, natural condition. each of the five huts are linked by a meandering footpath that seems to disappear into the forest-like assemblage in the japanese capital.

kengo kuma realizes the restroom as part of the nippon foundation‘s larger tokyo toilet project. this latest addition dubbed ‘a walk in the woods’ marks one of 17 other design-minded public toilets across the japanese capital. with different layouts, equipment, and interiors, each of the five toilets in kengo kuma’s ‘village’ is designed to meet a special need. such programs include child care, personal grooming, and wheelchair access. by dividing the toilets among their own separate spaces — open to catch the breeze from the park — the facility is well suited for use after the coronavirus pandemic is brought under control. the ‘public toilet village’ will stand as a clean, breezy place suited for visitors walking through the park.

project info:

project title: a walk in the woods, the tokyo toilet

architecture: kengo kuma and associates

location: nabeshima shoto park, shibuya, tokyo, japan

photography: satoshi nagare