konstantin ikonomidis camouflages transparent pavilion in its greenlandic surroundings

Nov 21, 2021

swedish architect konstantin ikonomidis in cooperation with qeqqata municipality designed and carried out the ‘qaammat fjeld pavilion‘ in sarfannguit, greenland. located in an open landscape on a UNESCO heritage site, the transparent installation is camouflaged in its mesmerizing surroundings. the building’s volume incorporates glass blocks organized to form two narrow openings, inviting guests to experience the structure with all their senses.

‘qaammat fjeld pavilion’ by architect konstantin ikonomidis on behalf of UNESCO aasivissuit – nipisat, greenland and qeqqata kommunia, in collaboration with sisimiut museum, celebrates the inuit intangible cultural heritage of the environment. the design team chose the location of the project carefully, which is characterized by the two fjords that meet on the eastern tip of the hills. they sought to generate a gathering point, encouraging locals and visitors to interact and get immersed in the astonishing scenery.

the glass concept was chosen for its ability to emphasize sensitivity, while the material constantly reminds us of nature’s beauty yet vulnerability. perceived as a canvas, the pavilion reflects the color palette of its surroundings changing on the seasons and witnessing the passing time. looking from inside, the opaque material absorbs and spreads the natural light and creates a pleasant atmosphere in combination with the snow.

the fjeld pavilion is designed as a poetic gesture acknowledging the natural site and rich history, the unique character of the greenlandic culture, and the spiritual sensibilities rooted in sarfannguit.

project info:

name: qaammat pavilion

architect: konstantin arkitekter | @konstantin_ik, arkitekt maa

architect in chief: konstantin ikonomidis collaborator: sisimiut museum (sisimiut katersugaasiviat), faidra oikonomopoulou and telesilla bristogianni from TU delft university

location: sarfannguit, greenland project start: 2019 project completion: 2021 client: qeqqata municipality, greenland

site manager, UNESCO world heritage site, aasivissuit – nipisat: paninnguaq fleischer lyberth

photography: © julien lanoo | @ julienlanoo