mínimo común arquitectura wraps its nordeste workspace with experimental brickwork

Nov 14, 2021

mínimo común arquitectura employs a rich combination of folds, cubes, and sheets of bricks in the design of its nordeste offices in paraguay. the team notes that the design process involved extensive experimentation of the different applications of brickwork, even turning the practice into a game. sited in the city of mariano roque alonso, the completed office building results from this thorough exploration of the use of brick.

the nordeste offices are enveloped in a diverse collage of textures which work together to define the structural layout of the building and create a play of shadows and lights on the facade. the building occupies a long, narrow lot that fits into a medium-density urban fabric, revealing a single facade to the street.

with its nordeste offices, the team at mínimo común arquitectura maintains the existing trees and integrates them into the built space, with the exception of the tree on the street front. the building is recessed from boundary of the plot, and welcomes visitors through a first brick screen made up of vertical and horizontal elements, filled with inclined planes.

the resulting offices are shared by a coworking space and a company that deals with agriculture and livestock. the organization of these two programs are demarcated by the pitched roof — the lowest side is hosts the shared workspace, and the double-height side hosts the agricultural business.

the position and size of the openings allow for effective lighting and ventilation throughout mínimo común arquitectura’s nordeste offices. the back of the lot can be accessed from both floors of the first building and contains a second volume, also used as a workspace. the floor area of this pavilion is one meter lower than the street level, while the garden roof is located at an intermediate level, between the two floors of the building that overlooks the street.

the nordeste offices are enveloped in a diverse collage of textures

the floor area of the pavilion is one meter lower than the street level

project info:

project title: nordeste offices

architecture: mínimo común arquitectura | @minimocomun.arq

location: mariano roque alonso, paraguay

lead architects: verónica villate, solanito benítez, sergei jermolieff engineering: jaime olmedo collaborators: osvaldo aguilera, juan salvare

photography: © federico caioli | @federicocairoli