mariko kusumoto's dream-like textile sculptures echo a luminous coral reef

Jul 11, 2021

in a meticulous display of craft, artist mariko kusumoto details an ethereal and otherworldly series of textile sculptures. made from translucent polyester and nylon fiber, the work recalls a delicately floating bed of underwater flowers or a coral reef. the massachusetts-based artist notes that her work reflects the observable phenomena that stimulates her mind and senses, reorganized into a new presentation that is surreal, graceful, and unexpected.

mariko kusumoto captures qualities of atmospheric softness with her textile sculpture works. the gentle texture and translucency of her medium transforms familiar imagery into a dream-like illusion. the pieces seem to float weightlessly as if underwater, while their colors imply a lifelike luminescence. the pieces show a range of such textures as intricate webbing and rich rhythmic fins which together seem to celebrate the vast diversity of an ecosystem found in nature.

project info:

artist: mariko kusumoto | @marikokusumoto

Absolutely delicate and amazing!

Exquisite work. If only the artist had made these forms from natural yarns. Polyester and nylon fiber are exactly the snagging and netting materials that litter our oceans.


Beautiful, peaceful and delicate❤️

I can not explain how much your beautiful designs effected me I absolutely love how delicate and the color and the calmness that covers me when I look at them. I want to follow your creativity if you don’t mind. Thank you for sharing your talent with us Gail B. (aka. Pookiechi)