martin naumann treats famous logos with holographic chrome textures

Sep 27, 2021

martin naumann is a graphic designer based in dessau, germany. in his latest project, the designer has appropriated well-known logos and has transformed them with his striking style, giving them a chromatic treatment that transports them into his own world.

‘my artistic style is often described as bold, colorful, and vibrant – abstract, but with a scientific approach,’ said naumann. ‘I create most of my work through generative and parametric design techniques, which means that chaos and randomness play a big role in my creative process. my goal is to create visual experiences, nobody has seen before.’

active since 2015, martin naumann has worked with numerous clients and brands around the world. he began in the music industry creating logos and album covers for various artist and labels and has moved into a wider spectrum of services, including branding, packaging, and illustration.

100 logos is a personal project where the designer reimagines existing brand concepts in a new way. ‘following my 36 days of type 2020, I started a new series with the chromatic effect I developed for the type challenge. to explore the visual variabilities of this technique, I decided to do another run with popular logos and brands instead of letters only. I tried to create my own interpretation of the individual logotypes – inspired, but mostly deviating from the brand guidelines. the style could be described as an overblown form of neumorphism, which is characterized by its holographic chrome textures.’

project info:

name: 100 logos

designer: martin naumann

instagram: here

dribble: here