meet mopet: a compact e-scooter to take your dog for a ride

Nov 11, 2021

mopet is an electric scooter that gives you the opportunity to ride safely with your pet. we are more used to transferring our little friends in baskets placed on the front or back of a bike. however, this japanese brand suggests an alternative to commute your dog ensuring safeness and relaxation for both: the rider and the pet.

mopet is suitable for a walk on a sunny day when the asphalt is scorching. the owners can also commute their pets letting them rest in the box, after an exhausting day in the park. furthermore, the scooter is also proper for a long-distance route, as it is equipped with a large-capacity battery that can travel up to 60km.

the foldable motorcycle weighs around 25 kilos and can easily be stored in the trunk of a car. the vehicle is outfitted with safety parts, so it can be driven on public roads. high-brightness LED achieves high visibility in the dark, but also during daytime. moreover, the space below can also be employed for daily uses, serving as a place for shopping bags or baggage.

project info:

name: mopet

size: 45 cm x 33 cm x 21 cm.