meet rechair, a 3D printed seat made from plastic yogurt cup waste

Oct 13, 2021

russian design studio delo continues its exploration into recycled plastic with ‘rechair’, a 3D printed seat made using plastic waste from yogurt cup production. the project aims to change perspectives of recycled plastic and elevate it to a material on par with wood or metal.

rechair is composed of two parts: a comfortable seat and a metal frame, which are fastened together with hex bolts. the pre-assembled construction and the possibility to stack the chairs make the products easier to deliver and convenient to store. delo is also looking at making the metal frame from recycled materials to make the design as eco-friendly as possible.

to make rechair, delo utilized a 3D printer created by EBURET studio, another saint petersburg based company that specializes in recycling and reusing plastic. this technology enabled the creation of complex forms from durable materials.

with this project, delo aims to create a technologically advanced object rather than a separate item of conceptual thought. rechair is therefore designed to be mass-produced, with minimal damage to the environment.

‘what we want to emphasize is that the objects made from recycled plastic are not an abstract or distant idea, but a new part of the reality we live in,’  explain the designers. ‘for this reason we introduce new technologies to the mechanics of mass production. we do believe that in the foreseeable future the objects made from secondary raw materials will be common and widespread in several interiors — both private and public.’

project info:

name: rechair design: delo

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edited by: lynne myers | designboom

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