memphis aesthetics and mid-century modernism blend together in milanese apartment

Jun 13, 2021

design firm puntofilipino studio has completed the interior of a pre-existing apartment in milan, italy, bridging the gap between vintage and modern architecture with the use of memphis-inspired aesthetics. drawing influence from the art deco and pop art movements, the design features an eclectic sequence of colors, synthetic materials such as laminate and terrazzo, and crazy geometry, to stand out as a cheeky rebuke to the minimalist aesthetic and elegant austerity of mid-century modernism.

puntofilipino’s design seeks to not only bridge the gap between old architecture and memphis aesthetics, but also to counter the vintage aesthetic of mid-century modernity. by applying fun shapes and bright colors that stretch out from the walls to the metal joinery and plaster cornices, the carpets and curtains, to a harmonious selection of furniture, the architects have generated an active design full of contrasting visual elements.

classic motifs and materials are presented in a post-modern interpretation, providing the interior with a somewhat ironic and multi-layered character. the color palette showcases gray, blue, and black tones, while bright brick red emerges as their antagonist. the puntofilipino team chose the walls as the main space for experimentation. in the living room and in the kitchen, two types of terracotta tiles and a contrasting corrugated edge were used, covering the bottom of the walls and countertops with white and blue patterned marble. meanwhile, in the dining room, the wallpaper becomes almost three-dimensional: a nature-inspired fresco literally slides over the cornice.

using the same active design, the designers have identified monumental arched openings, the classic shape of which echoes the stucco ceiling cornice and traditional terrazzo on the floor. in order to generate a contrast to the classic design and decor, modernist furniture in rich tones adorn the whole apartment: a coral sofa, a blue armchair, a table with blue legs, and black chairs with yellow seats. the bedroom has a more austere and graphic look, with a vivid marble pattern that contrasts with the hand-drawn ovals on ornamenta’s manifesto tiles. designed by pani jurek, the TRN tubular lamp in decorative terracotta looks like a hanging sculpture.

project info:

name: memphis milano apartment designers: puntofilipino studio location: milan, italy

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edited by: myrto katsikopoulou | designboom