mercedes-benz unveils its electric G-class car concept with futuristic aesthetics

Sep 06, 2021

mercedes-benz unveiled the EQG futuristic car concept at the 2021 IAA mobility show in munich, providing a preview of the all-electric version of the all-terrain model series. the vehicle combines its iconic G-class look and strong off-road capabilities with futuristic elements of the mercedes-EQ world. illuminated stripes describe the car making the robust exterior stand out. the concept EQG is also made for steep slopes and deep terrain, due to the pulling power of its electric all-wheel drive and its low center of gravity.

instead of the usual spare wheel cover, mercedes-benz  EQG vehicle includes a lockable box with white illuminated accents on the rear door, whose design takes its cue from a wallbox. another feature that characterizes its exterior design is the flat roof rack in high-gloss black. the central element of its minimalist design is the centrally shaped ‘G’ which is in the top view. the white led strip integrated into the front edge of the roof rack is a modern interpretation of the searchlight indispensable for demanding off-road adventure. another led strip in red finish forms the rear end of the roof rack.

‘we’re traveling into the future with the new WQG! this car epitomizes the fusion of state-of-the-art off-road capabilities with the dawn of electric mobility that we all need to strive for. it stands for our relentless pursuit of the utmost desire and luxury. for us, the most important thing was to keep the full G-class DNA but beam it into the EQ age.’ says gorden wagener, chief design officer daimler group.

project info:

name: concept EQG

designers: mercedes-benz