metamoorfose studio completes a round timber restaurant in rural brazil

Feb 19, 2021

perched on a hillside in a rural area near the city of monteiro lobato in brazil is a restaurant and grocery store designed by metamoorfose studio. conceived as a vital pit-stop for locals and tourists alike, the project seeks to have a positive impact on the region by responding to local economic demands, using locally-sourced materials, and blending in with the landscape.

images by maíra acayaba

situated at an altitude of 3,773ft (1,150m), the recent intervention provides a grocery store for locals who faced a 12 mile (20 km) commute to buy basic supplies, as well as a café and restrooms for tourists visiting the são francisco rock lookout (mirante pedra de são francisco). since the viewpoint opened to the public in the early 2000s, demands and sightseeing grew and the need for a project to address local issues became clear. to develop a circular economy, the program for the restaurant and grocery store is structured to be self-sufficient according to the evolution of use, space, and needs – always servicing the rural population with the sale of locally-made products, ultimately generating new jobs geared towards ecotourism.

the building is designed to afford contemplation and to foster better integration with the surroundings. the circular floor plan by metamoorfose studio allows visitors to walk around and discover different views of the landscape along the way. the modular structure and closings make it possible to grow or reduce the program, enabling greater flexibility and the ability to meet changing needs over time.

in terms of bioclimatic strategies, the slightly loose cover of the lower volumes allows for permanent ventilation, indirect natural lighting, and the existence of a fully open indoor garden. the raised first floor aids in cooling the building and showcases the land’s natural profile.

the circular shape merges with the mountain’s curves and the abundance of transparency means visitors are always connected to the outdoor landscape. from the restaurant to the grocery store, from the café to picnics on the rock, and from sit-down immersive experiences to fleeting visits, all of the program’s features come together to achieve the common goal of contemplating nature and seizing the moment.

project info:

name: restaurant mirante MLB

location: monteiro lobato, são paulo, brazil

architect: metamoorfose studio

design team: andre procópio, aline d’avola

area: 5,382 ft2 (500 m2)

completion: july 2020

timber structure: carpinteria

construction: C&S

photography: maíra acayaba |@mairaacayaba

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edited by: lynne myers | designboom