michelin's WISAMO inflatable sail to improve ship's fuel efficiency by 20%

Jun 14, 2021

michelin presents the WISAMO project, an innovative solution contributing to the decarbonization of maritime shipping. the wing sail mobility (WISAMO) project is an automated, telescopic, inflatable wing sail system that can be fitted on both merchant ships and pleasure crafts. the inflatable wing sail harnesses the wind, a free, universal and inexhaustible source propulsion. its revolutionary design enables a ship to reduce its fuel consumption and thereby have a positive impact on the environment by lowering CO2 emissions.

the WISAMO project by michelin ensures its inflatable wing sail can be installed on most merchant ships and pleasure crafts. it is specially suited for ro-ro ships, bulk carriers and oil and gas tankers. it can be fitted as original equipment on new builds or retrofitted on in-service vessels. the wing’s range of use is one of the market’s broadest and can be used on every maritime shipping route. the telescopic mast is retractable, making it easy for ships to enter harbors and pass under bridges. the system claims it can improve a ship’s fuel efficiency by up to 20%.

‘the advantage of wind propulsion is that wind energy is clean, free, universal and totally non-controversial,’ said michel desjoyaux, world-renowned skipper and ambassador of the project. ‘it offers a very promising avenue to improving the environmental impact of merchant ships.’

the WISAMO system will first be fitted on a merchant ship in 2022, when michelin expects it to go into production following completion of the trial phase.

project info:

name: WISAMO – wing sail mobility

created by: michelin

to be fitted on a merchant ship in: 2022