mirrored glass cabin with panoramic views disappears into finland's rich natural landscape

Nov 21, 2021

‘our goal was to design a space that enables one to experience nature in all its majestic beauty from the comfort of a king-size bed,’ notes pirinen & salo. for the construction of ‘lucia smart’, the finnish creative studio has combined glass with a triangular steel beam structure in black. the mirrored glass volume that wraps the cabin’s exterior sits on a black steel floor ribbon, while the entire construction is supported by a series of black steel stilts that elevate it from the ground. meanwhile, a stepped wooden base takes users to an outdoor terrace located right in front of the lake.

the cabin’s interior is coated in a uniform color that highlights the surrounding landscape as the main protagonist of the project. the triangular shape of the steel construction is oriented in a way that optimizes views to the outside nature and sky. the cabin is delivered to the site ready to use, and can be installed on foundations and connected to infrastructure according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

project info:

name: lucia smart

architect: pirinen & salo

client: savon lasituote

location: inari, finland