modular prefabricated steel houses in sardinia reference the work of constantino nivola

Sep 16, 2021

mask architects designed ‘madre natura’, a sustainable development of modular system style development in natural settings. inspired by the work of artist ‘costantino nivola’, they have taken inspiration from the ‘la madre’ sculpture. taking place in sardinia, italy, this project will be a new addition to the orani social, exhibition, and living areas. the design will be an iconic identity as livable and sociable art pieces and architectural structures that will develop a new identity of the city. the studio is the first architecture and design studio in the world to use a steel 3D-printed ‘exoskeleton’ construction system that supports and distributes all the functional elements of the building, using their new solution of construction technique which they called ‘exosteel’.

mask architects aim to integrate architecture, art, and technology in this livable museum project. they want to preserve and protect the heritage of orani, give respect to constantino nivola and his work, and continue his legacy by using modern techniques and our style integrated within the design. the site is a sloppy mountainside that will be transformed into staggered sections that will provide different levels for the modules to be situated in. surrounded by natural scenery, the development will be self-sustainable working in harmony with nature. sardinia is known to have strong winds, for this reason, the modules are designed in a way to allow wind to pass through by created voids on both sides of the structure.

mask architects designed each building to be ‘self-sustainable’ and can also provide energy resources to the grid of the development. each module is designed to be expandable and flexible so that it can always suit any terrain and meet the needs of any development. each building is centered with an ‘energy tower’ that will provide all-natural generated energy from solar and wind. the energy tower is covered with solar panels that will harvest solar energy while the top of the central energy tower itself will rotate 360 degrees at the same time with the wind that will also generate wind turbine energy. the voids in the modules allow channeled wind through that can be directed to the wind turbines.

placed at the top of the tower are also some technological instruments such as smart cameras and fire detectors. this is to provide social security and also to have natural security against natural disasters. throughout the lower part of the central tower, we have housing for all the technical equipment of the module that houses all necessary storage for water and energy as well as distribution stations for the surroundings.

light on the modules also provides visibility for the surrounding areas as each building acts as a beacon on the mountain. at night time the lights can also provide entertainment lighting for social use and exhibitions. the network of lights on all the modules are enabled to work as a single unit for events for the surrounding museum as well as nationals days etc. there can be many different formations in which these modules can be situated on the site, from a single module being sustainable on its own to a gathering of modules in a kite diamond formation to create a small community.

the project can also adapt to the social area in need of emergency services. an example is that during the ‘covid-19 situation’, modules like these can be used for ‘self isolation’, and also the social space can be broken up into different and limited use sections. the modules are designed to be expandable, flexible, and adaptable and used to help the community in every way possible.

the main centered energy tower that houses all the systems is constructed out of a steel skeleton. by connecting bearing steel beams to this skeleton column, a completely self-supporting steel carcass metal structure is created. the designers were able to create the distinctive exterior structure of the carcass due to this metal skeleton. the main exterior material is effix-based composite light grey panels, which provide a combination of comfortable isolation of the space and combining the white-stone aesthetic feeling like the ‘madre sculpture’.

project info:

name: exosteel ‘mother nature’ modular prefabricated houses designers: mask architects

location: sardinia, italy

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edited by: yasmina karam | designboom