mohammad hassan forouzanfar raises the flag of resistance wishing for freedom in afghanistan

Aug 20, 2021

you have probably heard the bad news about developments in afghanistan these days. the taliban terrorist group occupies most of the country’s provinces and is ready to rule. afghanistan, once part of iran, has fallen prey to terrorist groups again. today, not only the people, but all the capital and the cultural, historical, and ancient heritage of this country are in danger.

in response to this tragic news, mohammad hassan forouzanfar, an iran-born architect, graphic designer, and visual artist introduces a series of photographies; collecting some historical monuments of afghanistan and its ancient sites — which are also on the UNESCO world heritage list — and raising the flag of the people’s resistance force against the taliban, wishing freedom to all humans in afghanistan and precious heritage of this country.

all images © mohammad hassan forouzanfar

‘wishing for freedom’ is the latest project of mohammad hassan forouzanfar, as a way to protest against the shocking facts happening in afghanistan in the last few days. the artist envisions peace and sends mental support against the regional and global threats that have now hit the once beautiful country. with his photography collection and digital editing, mohammad spreads a subtle yet strong message, hoping for peace and tranquility in the whole world.

project info:

name: wishing for freedom

designer: mohammad hassan forouzanfar

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edited by: christina petridou | designboom