motoi yamamoto installs 100.000 salt cherry blossom petals at setouchi city art museum

Mar 12, 2021

set on a dark red backdrop, the monumental installation of the ‘sakura shibefuru’ exhibition features a landscape of about 100.000 cherry blossom petals made of salt. motoi yamamoto produced the piece by putting salt in a petal-shaped mold, and creating the petals one by one. visitors are invited to pause and enjoy the meticulously crafted scenery, while contemplating ‘the next season, after the cherry blossoms have fallen.’

exhibition info:

name: sakura shibefuru – falling cherry petals

artist: motoi yamamoto

location: setouchi city art museum, setouchi city, okayama prefecture, japan

duration: march 9 – may 5, 2021