network of floating timber bridges unites scattered organic-shaped 'grottos' in rural china

Jul 30, 2021

bearing in mind the region’s climate, the architects sought to protect the structures wrapping them with double-layered brick walls; during summer, heat can be discharged via a chimney effect given rise by the collaboration of the unit’s geometry and fenestration. the visibility of the bricks on the facade depends on the intensity of the sun and cloud density. ‘the shadow of the protrusions and wood bridge cast on the hyperboloid morphs with the sun’s trajectory, emerging ephemeral time-spaces.’

project info:

name: grotto retreat xiyaotou

architects: A()VOID

lead architect: yun hon

design team: marcus ma, stephen wong, willson iu

location: zhangjiakou, hebei, china

area: 820 sqm (8,826.4 sq ft)

photography: guo zhe, breeze image