new york's japan society exhibits traditional japanese carpentry tools in set by sou fujimoto

Mar 19, 2021

all other images courtesy of takenaka carpentry tools museum unless stated otherwise

the site-specific exhibition design is conceived by architect sou fujimoto in collaboration with brooklyn-based popular architecture. the setting introduces major themes from the exhibition and is in dialogue with the gallery’s spaces, highlighting an enduring connection between traditional japanese wooden construction and modern architecture.

‘japan society has been a home of cultural exchange, and a meeting place of past and present. in this exhibition, traditional japanese craftsmanship is revealed in a new light by the design of contemporary architect sou fujimoto, and it becomes a precious educational opportunity to learn from this history,’ says yukie kamiya, japan society gallery director.

interlocking parts for model of engaku-ji temple shariden interlocking bracket complex, 2019 hinoki cypress, courtesy of ikaruga-kōsha

standard set of tools, installation view at the takenaka carpentry tools museum, kobe, japan

master carpenter (​toryo)​ tsunekazu nishioka and his assistant produce a detailed technical drawing elaborating the roof construction of the hōrin-ji temple, three-story pagoda (mii, nara prefecture)

fullscale technical drawings being produced

putting the central column of hōrin-ji temple, three-story pagoda (mii, nara prefecture) using ropes and scaffolding

round columns with identification numbers at the reconstruction site of hōrin-ji temple

master carpenter (​toryo​) tsunekazu nishioka’s notebook with technical notes, 1970’s courtesy of tarō nishioka

model of yakushi-ji temple, tōindō hall, 2014

lapped gooseneck mortise (​koshikake-kamatsugi)​

halved oblique scarf joint (​miyajima-tsugi)

sou fujimoto portrait image © david vintiner

exhibition info:

name: when practice becomes form: carpentry tools from japan

organizer: japan society in collaboration with takenaka carpentry tools museum

exhibition design: sou fujimoto, in collaboration with popular architecture as local architect

duration: march 11 – july 11, 2021

location: 333 east 47th street new york, NY 10017, US