orijeen expands color-changing lenticular furniture series with new cabinet

Mar 11, 2021

seoul-based design studio orijeen expands its color-changing furniture collection with the ‘color flow_V2’ cabinet. made with ribbed curved surfaces, and using lenticular technology, the newly added piece changes its color depending on the user’s position and movement.

‘color flow_V2’ by studio orijeen uses lenticular sheets to change the perceived color immediately, generating a dramatic visual effect. the new cabinet incorporates a sliding door, which also creates unique reflections and color shifts, while making the user feel more connected to the piece.

the chameleon-esque cabinet hopes to remind users of their relationship with the objects, encouraging them to engage in ‘a dialogue in color’ as the designers mention. ‘we find a color that changes according to our movement among the things we use unknowingly in our daily life, and we experience non-daily life as if things are talking to us in color — at that moment, life becomes a small fantasy’ the orijeen team shares.

project info:

name: color flow_V2 designer: studio orijeen

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edited by: myrto katsikopoulou | designboom