pablo saric + cristian winckler build modular holiday home in chile overlooking pacific ocean

Mar 02, 2021

this modular holiday home designed by architects pablo saric and cristian winckler is located on the coast of chile, overlooking the pacific ocean. called ‘casa SS’, the single storey structure occupies a remote plot, surrounded by native vegetation and rugged terrain. as shown in these photographs by cristóbal palma, the building is clad with dark timber boards that enclose a series of private spaces and direct views towards the crashing waves and the horizon beyond.

as one approaches the property, the dark façade conceals the building, which appears as a linear object in the landscape. an opening in this elevation gives way to the home’s entrance, which leads by way of a corridor into the main living area. designed by pablo saric and cristian winckler to be the heart of the house, this space includes a kitchen, a dining area, and a lounge. meanwhile, sliding doors allow the interior space to spill out onto an exterior deck that remains sheltered thanks to protruding timber walls at each end.

the bedrooms are positioned at each end of the house, with floor-to-ceiling glazing running along the entire length of the west elevation to provide constant ocean views. an additional outdoor space is found at the center of the home, adjacent to the main living area. this enclosed patio, protected by tall timber walls, is organized around a fire-pit and serves as a more private and secluded setting for relaxation.

according to the plan, who first published the project, the house relies on rooftop solar panels as the area is not connected to the electricity grid. meanwhile, the dispersion of artificial light is kept to a minimum thanks to the building’s three windowless façades. other projects recently photographed by cristóbal palma include a pair of clifftop cabins and a concrete house in bolivia.

image © cristóbal palma

project info:

name: casa SS location: chile architects: pablo saric and cristian winckler photography: cristóbal palma status: complete