photographer builds 9 massive waves of deadwood in a forest near hamburg

Jun 14, 2021

between november 2020 and march 2021, when germany was facing a deadly second wave of COVID-19, artist and photographer jörg gläscher decided to spend his time in a forest near hamburg to create a series of artistic installations reflecting on the pandemic. gläscher didn’t cut down any branches but instead gathered deadwood from the forest floor and used it to construct nine waves, which he photographed and then promptly destroyed in order to reuse the materials.

C19/18 the second wave, no.2, jörg gläscher

all images © jörg gläscher

‘a wave is a periodic oscillation or a unique disturbance in the state of a system,’  says jörg gläscher. from small undulating waves to massive four-meter-tall crests, each installation appears to grow from the ground, displaying the immense power nature can have.

C19/18 the second wave, no.3, jörg gläscher

titled ‘C19/18 the second wave’, the installations mark part of a larger diary project that the artist began at the beginning of the pandemic in germany. gläscher published magazines to present the works, ranging from photography to sculpture, which you can purchase along with prints in his online shop here.

C19/18 the second wave, no.4, jörg gläscher

C19/18 the second wave, no.5, jörg gläscher

C19/18 the second wave, no.6, jörg gläscher

C19/18 the second wave, no.7, jörg gläscher

C19/18 the second wave, no.8, jörg gläscher

project info:

name: C19/18 the second wave artist: jörg gläscher | @joerg_glaescher

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