russian quintessential: suspended pipe-like house reflects the surrounding landscape

Aug 03, 2021

the pipe-shaped structure has a diameter of 3.5 meters and a length of twelve meters. it is placed on the sloped terrain, due to which the structure is literally ‘hanging in the air. to create it, complex engineering techniques were used that are usually used in shipbuilding. for example, the frame of the building is formed from supporting ribs like a body of a ship, and an impressive weight of about twelve tons is kept in balance by only six bolts.

‘the basis of the metal frame is made up of transverse frames – load-bearing ribs installed at a pitch of 500 mm relative to each other and connected by means of stringers (horizontal guides). due to the polyurethane foam insulation inside the pavilion, a comfortable temperature regime will be maintained throughout the year. this is a vivid example of when bold and original ideas are implemented by the capabilities of a modern industrial and technological complex.’ said the general director of KROST.

project info:

name: russian quintessential

designer: sergey kuznetsov

project documentation: TPO pride

technical implementation: KROST

interiors and light: WORK, surfacelab by kerama marazzi, spotlight, moss boutique hotel, adwill

year: 2021

location: nikola-lenivets art park, kaluga region, russia

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edited by: christina petridou | designboom