SE aeronautics claims its tri-wing aircraft concept could revolutionize commercial aviation

Jul 29, 2021

alabama start-up SE aeronautics unveils its ‘SE200’, an all-new widebody airplane design with a tri-wing configuration. the company claims that the design could potentially revolutionize the world of commercial aviation. while the aircraft concept is envisioned to carry up to 264 passengers, the team states that it can fly more than 10,000 miles with 80% lower carbon footprint than similar traditional planes.

the patent-pending ‘SE200′ concept features a lightweight tri-wing layout to enhance lift over drag, a ’tilting’ seat, and a new ‘once-through’ air feed ventilation system. the innovative aircraft is imagined as a monocoque, made up from a single solid-molded component that can float on water. fuel is stored on top of the fuselage in self-sealing bladders, and not in the wings. ‘the construction is all-composite, molded in one tough, safer piece. we also incorporated super-thin, long wings and complete streamlining from the nose to the tail. we did it all.’ SE aeronautics chief engineer lloyd weaver mentions.

SE aeronautics claims that the concept would operate with a non-stop range of 10,560 miles as a lightweight regional or long-range airliner. meanwhile, the firm has stated that the new model will reduce fuel consumption by 70% and CO₂ emissions per seat kilometre by 80%. ‘this aircraft will be the most practical, profitable and permanent solution to the grossly underperforming airliner technology of today,’ tyler mathews, CEO of SE aeronautics, shares. ‘our manufacturing efficiency will allow us to produce our aircraft in significantly less time than the current traditional method. but the jewel in the crown is really our ability to get that fuel consumption rate down by 70 percent. we are going to revolutionize the industry.’

project info:

name: SE200 company: SE aeronautics

How about nature…if this design would be soooo efficient, why, in million and million years, there has never been an animal with 2 or 3 pairs of wings? Oh, wait…insects…but they need to flap, they’re not gliders. Anyway, the vortices of the first wing will let the other wings vibrate and be very inefficient, I think. At least, one has to lift the first wing high above the others. And the current design is self stabilising, how important this is have we seen.

Lets see a working prototype. there is no mention of propulsion being electrical which is what someone else is doing.

“Fuel stored in a fuel bladder on top of the fuselage.” This gives me the picture of a napalm strike in VN as shown in Appolypse Now.

Use a space balloon, “normally for public tourism” to carry a dragon module to the edge of space. Then detach the balloon and fire thrusters strong enough to finish the job….no more expensive fuel, faster and more frequent trips, everything reusable, eco friendly, safer and multiple payloads can be sent in a day.

If y’all put the x wings on it would be easy to collect astroids and better for longer space traveling

This is not practical. Airports will have to completely redesign their gates and jet bridges to board the plane. The leading wings will create vortices that will reduce lift on the other 2 wings. This will simply not be able to fly with passengers on board since wing surface area plays a big part in lift

I’m highly skeptical. Drag is already very low on modern jetliners. You’re not going to achieve 70% fuel reduction without a miraculous improvement in engine efficiency. A “once-through” air supply system would be inherently less efficient than current recirculating systems. No fuel in the wing? Then fuel weight is not distributed and the wing must be stronger.. thus heavier. I would love to be wrong about this, but with the information given, this design looks like vaporware.

One Engine? No. Would never get approved. Also, how would you logistically deal with these at the gates? An entire redisign of the gate system would be needed.

This isn’t a practical design, just some dreamer who doesn’t know about physics.

As a former A&P mechanic this is exciting news. I only wish I were still in the field to experience close up the Innovations that are long overdue.

Looks kool! Love the short chord length of the wings! More details please. Talk to me about ingress and egress!