see money come to life in this mesmerizing animation of banknotes from over 23 countries

Sep 03, 2021

director and animator lachlan turczan has created a stunning video animation in collaboration with musician blake mills. titled ‘money is the one true god’, the six-minute-long music video has been made using imagery on banknotes from over 23 countries. the project takes viewers on a kaleidoscopic journey through the repeated motifs and iconic imagery on these bills, which reveal what humans have valued over time. the age of exploration leads to industrialization, wonders of the world are replaced by office buildings, and icons of freedom stand in stark contrast to images of slavery. the animation culminates with the collective eyes of all world leaders staring back at the audience.

‘money is the one true god’ first began as a covid lockdown passion project. lachlan turczan explains the process, ‘I made hi-resolution scans of banknotes from 23 countries around the world. I used machine learning to further enhance these scans so that I could zoom in on the intricacies of the engravings. using replacement animation techniques, the guilloché patterns wash over the viewer in a barrage of visual rhythms.’

project info:

name: money is the one true god

director & animator: lachlan turczan

musician: blake mills

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edited by: lynne myers | designboom